Covid-19 statement

Updated 1st December 2020

Yad Moss will be open for snow sports – snow permitting!  Snowsport England, our governing body, has re-confirmed that organised outdoor snow sport can take place in ‘COVID secure environments’.

Please stay a ski pole apart!

At Yad Moss this will include some fairly straightforward social distancing measures and limiting numbers in the club room. We ask that you to keep ‘a ski pole’s distance’ from each other in the queue for the tow or the ticket office, on the slopes and when using the club room, but otherwise the  Committee hopes that you will be able to enjoy a more or less normal Pennine skiing and boarding experience.

We have installed a perspex screen in the ticket office to provide an additional barrier but at the moment we do not intend to make face coverings mandatory: most activity at Yad Moss is outside, those using the club room are usually there to eat and drink, and we also have members who routinely lip read. 

Track and trace and cleaning

To ‘track and trace’, we will ask for your phone number when you buy a ticket and request that, if possible, you bring a pen with you to write down your details (day ticket purchasers only).

The information you provide when you buy a day ticket (essential for insurance purposes) may be used for test and trace purposes and shared with the NHS or public health officials if they request it to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Season ticket holders – we have your contact details on file, and these may be used and shared as above.

More information can be found at:

We will have a cleaning protocol in place for our own equipment and facilities.

Sorry no spectators!

Regretfully, we are asking that spectators and sledgers do not come up to Yad Moss this season, because of the inability to track and trace these groups.

Managing numbers

If we do get days when we expect to be very busy, we will limit access to Yad Moss by selling day tickets online and in restricted numbers the day before. This will not affect season ticket holders. We have also adapted our first aid and emergency protocols, but please take additional care at this time to avoid injury. 

Your decision

We are continuously reviewing our Covid-19 measures to ensure we comply with the latest guidance from Government and Snowsport England. Ultimately though it is your decision whether you feel comfortable joining us at Yad Moss this season.

Respect for others

As usual, we ask that you are considerate towards other members, towards local residents and local businesses and towards our volunteers when on the slope, in the car park and on the approach through the surrounding area. We also ask that you take notice of any instructions posted around the ticket office and club room, that you take your litter home with you and that you follow the skiing and countryside codes. 

If you have any questions about Yad Moss, including the COVID 19 mitigation measures we are putting in place or queries about GDPR, please email 

We hope that you will be able to continue visiting Yad Moss and look forward to seeing you on the hill. May it snow forever!