Snow Report

Sunday 6th October

Finished the tow track fence today. It’s been a lot of work this summer removing the old fence and constructing the new one in the long stretch between P3 and P4.  The weather was rather wet and we were all soaked by the time we got to the pub this evening!

The hill is now clear of waste wood and we only have a few jobs left to do. We need to do some more grass cutting and we still have the refurbished poma rack left to install but we anticipate that will be fairly straightforward.

Who knows we could be skiing within eight  weeks 😃

Wednesday 11th September

Having the work party, AGM and BBQ all on the same day at the end of August was a success.  We had fun, got loads done up The hill and enjoyed the company, the food, and the music under a starry sky. Suspect we’ll do it all again next year to liven up the annual meeting !

Still got lots more work to do before the skiing starts. We will be reinstalling a refurbished poma rack, completing the tow track fencing and cutting the grass!   But at least we’ve got plenty of time before the first snow falls. We may send out some working party notifications over the next couple of months.

Just a reminder that season Tickets are now on sale until 31st October.  Prices have been held again at £55 for new Members and £40 for returning season ticket holders. Juniors are only £10!

Sunday 4th August

Another good turnout with 13 Members present. We made more progress dismantling the old pallet board fence as far down as the crossover above P3.  We are reusing the existing posts and rails and have now rebuilt quite a long section, ready to mount the chestnut paling. We will probably need two more working parties to complete the job but progress has been good.  The ground is still remarkably dry from the winter despite rain this summer.

Good progress is also being made refurbishing the drive wheel and the worn Poma rack. A lifting frame has been manufactured which we will use to refit the heavy wheel once it has been painted.

Don’t forget the AGM followed by a BBQ on Saturday 31st August. There will also be a working party before hand if you fancy the full Yad Moss experience!   Details on the ‘Volunteer’ page.

 Sunday 7th July

Thank you to the 12 people who attended the work party today. You are a third of the way to a free season ticket !

We have started re-fencing the tow track down hill from the point reached last Autumn, below pylon 4. Good progress was made (despite the midges) and we will shortly order more 4’ chestnut paling. The plan this summer is to get down as far as the cross over, just above P3. Our design is now slightly different from previous years. We are reusing fence posts and sitting the palings on flat stones to keep the supported weight down and to prevent the fence from gradually sinking into the peat.

Unfortunately we had an attempted break in last week. The alarms went off at 16:16 on Wednesday but by then a certain amount of damage had been caused and the perpetrators had got away.

Part of the time today was spent fixing the damage. This was rather annoying and a distraction from the jobs we actually planned to do .

For information, we never leave money or decent tools in any of the buildingsYes, we do have a wide collection of old rope,  some incredibly oily high viz jackets and an assortment of ancient shovels, but definitely no treasure.

The next working party will be on Sunday 4th August. We will probably be doing some fencing, perhaps also some stone picking and maybe help with a water supply project. There will be cake !  Please see the volunteer page if you would like to come along and help out.

Sunday 16th June

We successfully removed the drive wheel  and Poma rack today. We will now take them away for grit blasting and painting. After 10 years the refurbishment of the tow is almost complete !

We have set some dates for general work parties in July, August and September. We plan on renewing more of the tow track fencing but have other jobs to do as well.

Have a look at the Volunteer page for details, and see if you can come along to help out. It’s usually good fun and a bit of a workout.

Thursday 4th April

Sunshine and snow at Yad today, just a few skiers and boarders having fun in some good late season conditions.

Sunday 10 March

A handful of connoisseurs enjoyed the best of Pennine combat skiing and boarding today. Let’s hope for further days on the hill before the season draws to a close.

Ski poles found leaning up against fence in car park at end of day. Please email to claim.

Sunday 3rd February

A strong south westerly wind today and overcast conditions. The skiing was still ok and plenty of different routes were available to explore thanks to the hard frozen ground.  New snow started drifting after lunch which started to fill the runs in again but caused the tow track to get bumpier than the skiing!

The snow turned to rain but then started to dry up about 3pm.

We hope the 40 or so keen skiers and boarders had a reasonable day on the hill.  We await the next skiable day.

Saturday 2nd February

Good skiing today at Yad moss. Thin snow on a frozen grassy base !

The tow will run tomorrow Sunday 3rd February from 10:00am.

Forecast is showing snow  from 11:00. Wind will be Strong at the summit from the SW.

Day tickets will be available.

Friday 1st February 2019

The tow will run at Yad moss tomorrow, Saturday from 10am.

The snow will be thin on a frozen grassy base. The forecast is for sun freezing temperatures and a moderate north westerly breeze. Once the mist clears visibility should be excellent.

Day tickets will be available.

Wednesday 30 January 2019

A Reasonable day skiing today. Good weather but snow thin and with no base it now needs more snow to run again.

Work party Sunday 5th August

Replacing the tow track fencing between P5 and P6. Beautiful weather.

Next work party is Sunday 2nd September. (See volunteer page for details).

Work party Sunday 1 July

Painting the weather exposed sides of the ticket office and control room.

Tuesday 17th April 2018

Sadly the ski season is now over. We have had some great skiing this year. We hope you caught some of the really good days. Thank you for all the fabulous pictures and videos that you posted on the facebook page.

We will be spending the summer back up the hill on our maintenance and repair programme. We’ll be in contact with those of you who have expressed an interest in the work parties. Please see the volunteering page for dates.

We wish you a great summer and look forward to skiing and riding with you when the snow arrives again.

 ‘Yad the Impaler’, Tuesday 20th March 2018


Yad Moss Ski Club Ltd