Snow Report

Tuesday 1st June. 21:32

As the winter season 2020-21 draws to an end, we thank you for your support of Yad Moss this year. We enjoyed a good start to the season, with three days of snow sports in December and early January. It was excellent to see season ticket holders as well as day visitors enjoying the slope. Operating was made possible by the extensive work undertaken by our volunteers to make the Club and its facilities Covid-19 secure, including installing a screen in the ticket office, altering the seating arrangements in the day lodge, developing a thorough cleaning protocol and establishing test and trace protocols.

 Unfortunately, the lockdown that started in January meant that we were not permitted to run the tow, despite the favourable winter conditions. This was disappointing for all of us, but we took heart from the fact we had managed to run every day that was possible earlier in the season.

We are very grateful for your support of the Club via your season ticket membership. Despite being shut for much of the season, our fixed costs of insurance and maintenance have remained the same. It is for that reason that we cannot offer full or even partial refunds of season tickets. However, when season ticket sales open again in September, the prices for the 2021-22 season will remain fixed at £40 for renewing adults and £10 for juniors, despite the rising costs of insurance and other essentials such as fencing and fuel.

We all hope that the vaccination programme allows a return to greater normality this year. We are planning our usual programme of summer maintenance, and will hold working parties on the first Sunday of June (6th), July (4th) August (1st) and September (5th). We always welcome volunteers, new and old, so please contact if you would like to receive updates about the work planned over the summer, which will be conducted in accordance with government guidance for Covid-19 risk assessments. The September working party will also incorporate the AGM and social, to which you are warmly invited. 

Thank you for sticking with us and supporting the Club. Without you, Yad Moss could not survive. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and well, and look forward to seeing you on the hill in 2021

Monday 29th March  14;52

From today the club is permitted to open again as National lockdown restrictions are eased.

I’m afraid there were periods during  January and February when we missed out on what would have been superb conditions up at Yad Moss. The last patch from those falls only melted last week and there was some new snow as recently as Saturday, although it was mostly gone by yesterday.

Looking at the week ahead the weather may turn much colder from Easter Sunday. If conditions become favourable for running the tow we will provide details on this page about opening.

Fingers crossed.

Tuesday 5th January  20:53

Regretfully we have had to close Yad Moss following the announcement of a new national lockdown effective from Wednesday 6th January. We will update again when we are next allowed to open. Hopefully we will get some snowsport later this season. Stay safe everyone.

The Committee Yad Moss

Sunday  3rd January18:45

Sunday turned out to be a really good day. We got more snow overnight than forecast and the Northeasterly direction was perfect.  The sun came out in the afternoon and the snow dried out and froze. All runs were complete with some good off piste in places.

Staying cold all week and more snow is forecast.  We are hoping to ski mid week perhaps Wednesday or Thursday. Will update here as soon as we know.

Thank you to everyone for making it a great day.


Thursday 31 December 18.30

Still not enough snow to run the tow safely on New Year’s Day. Unfortunately we will not be opening tomorrow.

Light snow is forecast, however, and if we get enough to run safely we will make a decision on Friday night about the possibility of running on Saturday.

Now that Cumbria and the north east of England are in Tier 4 we will be restricting snow sports at Yad Moss to season ticket holders only.

If conditions become favourable we may sell a limited number of day tickets to people resident in local postcodes (Eden District and the North Pennines only). Qualifying local postcodes will be posted on our Covid 19 page.

Please do not attempt to travel to Yad Moss without a season ticket or a pre-purchased day ticket.

We thank you for your cooperation and Happy New Year!

Thursday 24th December 18:35

Not quite enough snow to run the tow today but we are hopeful that if we can hang onto some of the current cover we may get some skiing after Saturday. Fingers crossed.

On behalf of the Committee I would like to wish everyone an especially safe Christmas this year.

Sunday 6th December 10:42

The sun does not always shine at Yad Moss and the snow is not always powder.

Sunday was a day for Keenies.  The main run, powder gulley and centre gulley were the runs of choice for the 30 skiers and boarders today. Thank you to everyone yesterday and today for supporting us.

Staying cool this week but looks to be warming up at the weekend. We have no plans to run during this week but check in again when we get some more snow.

Saturday 5th December 18:57

A sunny day with light winds  today. There was about 20cms of frozen snow on a wet grassy base.

Saturday 5th December 2020

Friday  4th December 17:43

There looks to be a sufficient cover of snow remaining at Yad Moss despite the temperature rise and heavy sleet this afternoon.

We intend to run the tow tomorrow, Saturday from 10:30am to about 3pm.

We think there will be a slight frost overnight but expect saturated snow and wet ground underneath. The Skiing will be typically Pennine; tricky and grassy  in most places 😀  The forecast is for good visibility and the wind moderating. It will feel cold.

Day tickets will be available although regrettably this year there will be no discount for Weardale or Raise season ticket holders at weekends.

Please ensure you have read and understood our COVID statement before coming up to Yad Moss.

Tuesday 1 December 14:30

There is some snow in the forecast and once national lockdown is over, we plan to run on days when the conditions are suitable. Our webcams are working again so please keep your eyes peeled and check the snow report on this page for opening information. Please note that we have now retired our telephone snowline.   


Thursday 3rd September 17:00

Season tickets are on sale until 31st October 2020:

Sunday 16th August  21:29

The season ended before the Corona Virus lockdown started. Whilst a rather disappointing winter we did at least manage eight days skiing some of which were rather good (see below and the Facebook page). We  hope you managed to get up the hill but If not let’s hope for more good skiing next season.

We managed to put everything away for the summer and fortunately were not in the middle of any big projects. Nor Did we break anything important this winter so we Could afford to have a quiet summer!  At the moment we anticipate carrying out the essential pre-season maintenance in the Autumn.

We will Contact our volunteers next Time we intend to hold a work meeting. If you would like to help out please contact the Secretary via the ‘volunteer’ page.

In the meantime we wish you a safe summer and hope to see you on the slope when the snow next arrives.




The Committee, Yadmoss

Thursday  5th March 19:03

Unfortunately We don’t have anyone avaiable to run the tow tomorrow and on Saturday it is due to rain as the temperature and the wind increase. We will need more snow and will not therefore be running the tow on Saturday or Sunday.

A good day today doing laps on the main run which once again was very fast and easy skiing. Just a few bare patches near the bottom and the snow held out remarkably well. 

Wednesday   4th March 17:34

We intend to run the tow tomorrow Thursday from about 10:30.

The skiing today on the main run was very good. Fast soft snow, very light breeze and good visibility. Only 20 skiers and boarders today so ride on conditions all day. Powder gulley is skiable but there is a grassy traverse at the top.  Forecast is very good again with no wind and sunny intervals, the snow will be frozen first thing but should quickly soften as it did today. Day tickets will be available.

Tuesday  3rd March 23:33

 The tow will run tomorrow Wednesday from 10:30 and possibly Thursday depending on the survivability of the snow. Day tickets will be available.

The main run is skiable to one piste basher width although the snow is thinner over the last third below the crossover.

It’s currently about minus 1c and the air is dry so the base should be freezing nicely. The forecast is for light winds and good visibility with temperatures fluctuating around zero through till Friday.

Friday  28 February 16:15

A wintry day on the hill. The Met Office forecast was spot on. A strong southerly breeze with snow becoming heavier and eventually turning to rain at 2pm. The skiing was really quite good in the drifting fresh snow and the wind blowing down the hill. Just 5 or 6 hardy skiers and snowboarders up today.

The rain is forecast to start again at midnight and continue into the morning before it possibly turns to snow. With strong winds moving round westerly and blowing up the hill and probably some substantial snow melt overnight we won’t run tomorrow and I’m afraid Sunday is looking unlikely too, though we will keep monitoring the situation.

Thursday  27 February 19:09

We intend to run tomorrow Friday from about 10:30. Day tickets will be available. Forecast is for strong southerly wind and snow which will improve the skiing but will turn to rain after about 3pm. If the wind is too high or the conditions deteriorate we may have to close early.

Not a bad day today. A strong wind blowing up the hill and Thin grassy snow but fast skiing.  Some good sections where we have been able to piste bash. The snow improved markedly after 2:30m as it started to freeze again.

Wednesday 26 February 18:41

We are go for tomorrow Thursday to run the tow. Day four of the 2019/20 ski season !!

Expect thin frozen grassy conditions- typical Yad Moss🤪 more snow is forecast overnight.

Day tickets will be available. Hope to have the tow running by 10:30 ish. See you on the hill

Sunday 23 February 9:25

Snow at Yad Moss today. Unfortunately the ground is too wet at the moment and the wind speed forecast up the hill will probably making skiing impossible. The tow will not run today. forecast is staying cold however with more snow so we are closely monitoring the situation and will notify you when it becomes feasible to run the tow. Fingers crossed.

Thursday 13 February 21.25

We’re keeping a very close eye on the webcams and weather. Storm Dennis is likely to thwart any plans for the weekend but it is due to stay cold so fingers crossed that we retain a base. We’re keen to get back out on the hill… Let’s hope for some action soon.

Wednesday 18 December 20.15

An excellent day today on and off piste for Pennine skiers and boarders old and new. The forecast is for milder, wetter weather in the next few days so we have no plans to open later in the week. Please keep an eye on the webcams and snow report for fresh snow. We’ll open again as soon as conditions are favourable!


Tuesday 17th December 18:48

More snow today than Sunday and less wind but poor visibility in the morning. Around 2pm the sun came out the temperature dropped the snow dried out and conditions were great for the last hour. The main run is good and powder gulley was fun after the sun came out.  Still plenty of thin areas but good skiing available.

The forecast is for a lot more sun tomorrow. We aim to have the tow running by 10:30. See you on the hill!

Monday 16th December 21:40

Good day yesterday.  Shame about the wind but the snow was good and the sun was shining.

More snow has drifted onto the main run this morning. We are intending to run the tow again tomorrow (Tuesday) and then Wednesday. There may be a short delay opening tomorrow while we locate an electrical fault but we aim to open from about 10:45. Day tickets will be available both days. 


Sunday 6th October

Finished the tow track fence today. It’s been a lot of work this summer removing the old fence and constructing the new one in the long stretch between P3 and P4.  The weather was rather wet and we were all soaked by the time we got to the pub this evening!

The hill is now clear of waste wood and we only have a few jobs left to do. We need to do some more grass cutting and we still have the refurbished poma rack left to install but we anticipate that will be fairly straightforward.

Who knows we could be skiing within eight  weeks

Thursday 4th April

Sunshine and snow at Yad today, just a few skiers and boarders having fun in some good late season conditions.







Sunday 10 March

A handful of connoisseurs enjoyed the best of Pennine combat skiing and boarding today. Let’s hope for further days on the hill before the season draws to a close.

Ski poles found leaning up against fence in car park at end of day. Please email to claim.

Sunday 3rd February

A strong south westerly wind today and overcast conditions. The skiing was still ok and plenty of different routes were available to explore thanks to the hard frozen ground.  New snow started drifting after lunch which started to fill the runs in again but caused the tow track to get bumpier than the skiing!

The snow turned to rain but then started to dry up about 3pm.

We hope the 40 or so keen skiers and boarders had a reasonable day on the hill.  We await the next skiable day.

Saturday 2nd February

Good skiing today at Yad moss. Thin snow on a frozen grassy base !

The tow will run tomorrow Sunday 3rd February from 10:00am.

Forecast is showing snow  from 11:00. Wind will be Strong at the summit from the SW.

Day tickets will be available.

Friday 1st February 2019

The tow will run at Yad moss tomorrow, Saturday from 10am.

The snow will be thin on a frozen grassy base. The forecast is for sun freezing temperatures and a moderate north westerly breeze. Once the mist clears visibility should be excellent.

Day tickets will be available.

Wednesday 30 January 2019

A Reasonable day skiing today. Good weather but snow thin and with no base it now needs more snow to run again.

Work party Sunday 5th August


Replacing the tow track fencing between P5 and P6. Beautiful weather.

Next work party is Sunday 2nd September. (See volunteer page for details).

Work party Sunday 1 July

Painting the weather exposed sides of the ticket office and control room.

Tuesday 17th April 2018

Sadly the ski season is now over. We have had some great skiing this year. We hope you caught some of the really good days. Thank you for all the fabulous pictures and videos that you posted on the facebook page.

We will be spending the summer back up the hill on our maintenance and repair programme. We’ll be in contact with those of you who have expressed an interest in the work parties. Please see the volunteering page for dates.

We wish you a great summer and look forward to skiing and riding with you when the snow arrives again.

 ‘Yad the Impaler’, Tuesday 20th March 2018

Yad Moss Ski Club Ltd