A few rules


Please do not buy a lift ticket if you have no experience of using a fast ski tow. You must be confident that you can set off smoothly and ride all the way up to the top without falling off.

To avoid serious damage to the equipment you must release your Poma gently and in line with the haul rope, immediately after Pylon 7.

Unless the tow stops for a prolonged period or you fall, please do not get off before Pylon 7. Please do not slalom up the tow track.


Our volunteers reserve the right not to sell you a ticket. Failure to use the tow correctly can be dangerous and will damage the equipment, potentially causing closure.

Please follow their instructions and do not speak abusively to them.

Unfortunately we are not able to run the tow at very slow speeds for prolonged periods.


After heavy snowfall road access can be difficult, particularly if driving over the  pass from the Middleton in Teesdale direction. You travel at your own risk.

Though not normally essential,  we advise fitting winter tyres or carrying snow chains or snow socks for winter driving in the North Pennines.

Please do not leave your vehicle sticking out into the carriageway. Highways authority snow ploughs and emergency vehicles must be able to pass easily, at all times.

Please bring a spade to dig out your parking space, if necessary.


The farmer has specified that no dogs are allowed on the site.