A Few Rules


Please do not buy a lift ticket if you have no experience of using a fast drag lift. To use the tow at Yad Moss you must be confident that you can set off smoothly and ride all the way to the top without falling over.

To avoid ‘launch’ ensure your board or skis are sliding forward at the moment of Poma release. This will enable you to smoothly accelerate up to rope speed.

Please do not ‘slalom’ up the tow track. Stay directly underneath the haul rope at all times, to avoid derailment off the pylon wheels. If you do fall over let go immediately.

At the summit (Pylon 7)  release your Poma gently  and well before the return ‘Bull Wheel’.   Clear the dismount area quickly.

Failure to use the tow correctly can  be dangerous and will cause damage leading to closure. Please don’t break the only ski lift we have at Yad Moss !


Our volunteers reserve the right not to sell you a ticket if they think you may struggle with the tow. Unfortunately we are not able to run it slowly for prolonged periods, because of the risk of overheating the motor.  Please follow the instructions above and respect the advice of our operators.


The North Pennines have some of the highest and most exposed roads in the country.  After heavy snowfall access may be difficult, particularly if driving from Teesdale or climbing Hartside Pass. Please be aware that you travel at your own risk.

Though not normally essential to reach Yad Moss, we nevertheless recommend fitting winter tyres or carrying snow chains or snow socks. These will significantly improve your vehicle’s traction, steering and braking on snow covered surfaces.


There is plenty of  space to park at Yad Moss but please keep to one side of the road only, or else park off the carriageway altogether.  You must leave plenty of room for snow ploughs, heavy goods vehicles, farm traffic and emergency vehicles to pass easily, at all times. Bring a spade to dig out your parking space, if necessary.  Please avoid parking like this:


The farmer has specified that no dogs are allowed on the site.

Yad Moss Ski Club Ltd